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2024 Bond » Camas Elementary School History

Camas Elementary School History

Front exterior of Camas ElementaryCamas Elementary School shares a common kitchen with Satus Elementary but it’s not the only thing the two schools have in common.  Like Satus, the learning environment at Camas is being challenged by a growing number of issues due to the age of the building. 

Camas was constructed in 1952 making it nearly 75-years old.   When it was built the safety features often incorporated into the design of modern-day school buildings were not needed.  Like Satus Elementary and PACE High School, Camas lacks a secure vestibule area at its main entry.  This safety feature provides an added physical barrier between the main entry doors and the interior of the building.  It’s an area where staff can determine the intention of those coming to the school prior them gaining access to the interior of the main building.

In addition, the heating and cooling systems within the school that are used to provide a comfortable, optimum learning environment are outdated and have become costly to maintain.  Each year the District spends a great deal of time and money on the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 

Also, with each passing year components of the HVAC systems become obsolete. In recent years the District has had to embark on the costly process of retrofitting the cooling system at Camas in order to comply with changing environmental rules.  It has also had to resort to purchasing some used parts just to keep the HVAC operational because new parts are no longer being manufactured for the outdated systems.

Similar to Satus and PACE, Camas and the adjoining pod that houses the District’s WELCOME Preschool and early learning program are having to address an increasing number of plumbing problems. Because of the aging water heating system, hot water circulation has become an ongoing issue.

These buildings are also in need of upgraded lighting.  Most of the rooms are currently outfitted with non-energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs.

Exterior of the west end of Camas Elementary   Backside exterior of Camas ElementaryInside cafteria at Camas Elementary   Inside main entry door of Camas ElementaryExterior area between Camas and Satus Elementary Schools   East end of Camas Elementary Schoolcamas/satus sewer pump station   pumping out the flooded camas/satus sewer pump station