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School Delay & Closure Information

As you know, each winter we face the possibility of inclement weather delaying or canceling the school day.  This school year (2020-2021) if we are faced with inclement weather that compromises the safety of our students, parents, and staff, we will transition all students to Remote/Distance Learning for the day. 

Therefore, students in a Hybrid Model of learning scheduled to be on campus that day will receive their instruction through the Remote/Distance learning model.  Students and staff impacted by this change will need to follow their building specific Remote/Distance Snow Day Schedule Plan. The District will only decide to transition to full distance learning for the day when it is necessary to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Current Weather Conditions:

District’s decision making process on a bad weather day:

  • District leaders, including Superintendent Kelly Garza and Transportation Director Hamley Hale, are out as early as 4:00 a.m., driving the roads and checking on travel conditions.
  • District leaders review weather forecasts and anticipated weather patterns 
  • District leaders speak with the superintendents and transportation directors from neighboring districts to determine how widespread the weather event may be.


Other factors included in the decision are the topography of the District, which is mostly flat.  Consideration is also given to the fact that the District’s bus drivers are well trained and buses are outfitted with tire chains and sander systems.  In addition some consideration is given to the traffic volume on roads in the District, which is generally lighter in the early morning, decreasing the chances of an event with another vehicle.


This entire process takes place in a fairly short amount of time so that in the case there is the need for a delay or closure it leaves ample time to inform our families and staff.  The District makes an effort to announce delays/closures by 6:00 a.m.

Delay/Cancellation information can be found in the following places:

  • District Website –
  • Twitter- @WapatoSD
  • School Messenger call sent to all families (robo-call)
  • Text Message to your mobile phone (if you have opted-in to receive text messages)
  • Remind
  • Media - Watch and listen to local TV and radio stations

Free Meals Distribution

Below is our plan for food distribution for snow days. Distribution days are currently on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. on the west side of Wapato High School. (side nearest the tennis courts) 

  • Snow days that fall on Monday or Tuesday, food distribution will be on the next scheduled distribution day, which is Wednesday (weather permitting).  Pick-up will be for 3 days of meals.
  • Snow days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday concurrently food pick up will be on Thursday (weather permitting). Pick up will be for 2 days meals.
  • Snow days on Wednesday food distribution will be on Thursday (weather permitting). Pick up will be for 2 day of meals.
  • Snow days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday concurrently food distribution will be on the next scheduled distribution day, which is Monday (weather permitting). Pick up will be for 3 days of meals.

On rare occasions changing weather conditions may force the District to change an announced delay to a closure.  If that happens, an updated alert will be sent out as soon as possible.

If Wapato Schools are operating on a 1 or 2-Hour Delay

  • School buses will run on a 1 or 2-hour delay
  • School buses MAY be operating on snow routes (see snow routes listed below)
  • AM Preschool classes are canceled (if they are scheduled for in-person that day)
  • If a 1 or 2-hour delay happens on a Wednesday, there will be no 1-hour early release for students
  • A breakfast offering will be available for students

Athletics, After-School Activities and Other School Events:

If school is canceled for the day, all after-school activities, practices, games and field trips will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced. All evening meetings and events scheduled to take place in district facilities will also be canceled unless otherwise announced.

Wapato School District “Bus Snow Routes”

When the superintendent or superintendent designee advises that buses will be on snow routes the following will apply.  Buses will not drive on private roads, lanes, or driveways when snow routes are advised.  Buses will meet students at the end of the driveway, lane, or private road.

Students living on the following roads will meet at the designated areas:

  • North Brownstown will meet at the corner of West Wapato and Brownstown
  • Konnowac Rd., Lombard loop, Nightingale Rd, Borquin Rd, Riggins Rd. Brooks, Vista Ridge Rd will meet at the parking lot of Wind Machine Sales at 5250 Yakima Valley Hwy
  • North Camas Road will meet at the corner of Camas and Jones Rd.
  • Hoffer Extension West of Campbell will meet at the corner of Campbell and Hoffer Extension
  • Orchard Way will meet at the corner of West Wapato and Orchard Way
  • East Parker Heights Rd. will meet at the Donald Store
  • Thorp Rd. will meet at Parker Bridge and the Yakima Valley Highway
  • Pumphouse Rd. will meet at Lateral C and Marion Drain