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Elementary Student Placement Plan

Wapato Public Schools uses a paired elementary school model. Simcoe Elementary serves K-2 students and is paired with Adams Elementary which serves grades 3-5. When Simcoe students move from 2nd to 3rd grade they attend Adams. That is also the case with Camas and Satus Elementary Schools being paired. Camas serves grades K-2 and those students move to Satus for grades 3-5.
The student's home address determines which school they attend.  The District's student placement plan uses a boundary approach. Under the plan, those elementary students living south and west of Highway 97 as well as those living in part of the west side of town would attend Camas and Satus. Most of the rest of the elementary students living north and east of Highway 97 would attend Simcoe and Adams. (see maps below for complete details of the boundaries) The light purple area in the maps covers those addresses of students who would attend Camas and Satus and those living in the beige colored area would attend Simcoe and Adams.
 The District used a variety of goals to help guide the planning process. Some of them include increased safety, impact on parents/families, providing equitable opportunities for students, and reducing as many transportation and traffic issues as possible. The goals were developed using input from various stakeholders. 

District Boundary Map

Boundary Maps North & South of Town

Boundary Maps for Downtown Wapato

Boundary Map East of Town