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Homeless Student Information

The McKinney-Vento Program is a federal program designed to ensure those families with students who are classified as homeless have equitable access to education.  In order to help facilitate the program there are liaisons in place at the district level and at each of the school buildings.  See the graph below for homeless liaison contact information.
District Homeless Liaison Marilyn Bergevin 509-877-4181
Adams Elementary Liaison Angelica Chavez 509-877-4180
Camas Elementary Liaison Jose Calvario 509-877-3134
Satus Elementary Liaison Alondra Gonzalez 509-877-2177
Simcoe Elementary Liaison LoriAnn Adams 509-877-5063
Wapato Middle School Liaison Elena Hernandez 509-877-2173
Wapato High School Liaison Kate Green 509-877-3438
PACE High School Liaison Stacey DeLeon 509-877-3138