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Welcome to ParentSquare

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clouds with remindersWapato Public Schools is excited to introduce you to ParentSquare.  It is a simple-to-use communications platform designed to keep parents and guardians informed and encourage greater engagement and connection with the District and your student's school. 
Wapato Public Schools is in the process of onboarding ParentSquare as its primary communications tool.  By the end of the 2023-2024 school year it will replace the various communication programs the District has been using, like SchoolMessenger, REMIND, Class Dojo, etc. ParentSquare streamlines the communication process by providing a single tool for families to connect with their student's school, teacher, administrators and the District, all in one place. 
Through ParentSquare families will receive messages, in your preferred language, from the District, your student's teacher and school via text, email, robocall or app notification.  The District will also use ParentSquare to send urgent messages for weather related school closures/delays and other emergencies.

How to Activate Your Account

ParentSquare logoThe process of activating your ParentSquare account is simple.  We have your email and/or phone number in our records and we will use that contact information to initiate the setup process with you.  You will receive an invitation through email and/or text with a link to activate your ParentSquare account.   If you receive the invite through email click the “Activate Your Account” button.  If you receive the invite via text, click the “Register” link.  It’s that easy!

You can also activate your ParentSquare account by clicking this link and registering.

Tip! Use your email or the phone number that you have provided to your school and is in our Skyward Student Information System to set up your account otherwise ParentSquare will not be able to link your account to your student's information. Your email/phone number must match contact details in the school's database for this to work.


Tip! If your contact details (email/phone number) aren't recognized, contact your student's school(s) to get them added. After they update your information in their database, the new contact details will appear in ParentSquare after the next daily sync, and you will be able to create an account. 


For even more convenience, download the ParentSquare app (available for free for iOS and Android devices).  Scan your preferred QR code below to download the app.

                                            iOS Devices                             ANDROID Devices

                                                       IOS QR code                                QR Code for Android app

Once you activate your account navigate to the “Help” section of the program, click on “Parents, Guardians & Students” for access to a host of resources to help you start using ParentSquare.