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Wapato Online Academy » FAQ'S


How will families enroll? Will there be a transfer form?

A student interested in enrolling into the program will fill out the "Student Interest Survey" on the website. Once this survey has been filled out, the Online Learning Coordinator will reach out to set up an in-person meeting to discuss the enrollment process.

What is the Wapato Online Academy? (WOA)?

WOA is a web-based educational program of Wapato Public Schools that provides instructor-led online courses to students. All instructors have valid state certification in their subject areas. WOA also presents students with an interactive learning experience, not a textbook online.

Can elementary students use WOA, or is it only for middle school and high school students?

WOA has the following courses for elementary students:

  • K-6 English Language Arts
  • K-6 Math
  • K-6 Social Studies
  • K-6 Science
  • K-6 Fitness, Art, Health, Music

Can my student take some in-person classes and some WOA classes at the same time?

At this time, no. Your student would be enrolled into WOA full time. We are planning to move to a part-time enrollment option.

What if my student doesn’t like WOA? Can they re-enroll into our school of residence?

WOA may not work for all students. Therefore, a 14-calendar day trial period (two weeks) occurs for each semester to assess a student’s ability and desire to complete WOA coursework. Students who meet our participation standards (contact and progress) during the 14-day trial period continue with WOA and are fully vested in their courses of study.

During the trial period, students who do not meet the contact and progress standards may withdraw from WOA without penalty.

However, a student who withdraws or is dropped from a WOA course after the 14-day trial period and does not enroll in the same class in their home school will receive a semester grade of an “F.” Please note: Students who withdraw from WOA courses cannot be guaranteed room for placement in courses in their home schools.

Can my student join WOA mid-year?

WOA offers semester-long classes that are approximately 18 weeks in length. It can be challenging to catch up in a class if enrolled after the first few weeks. For this reason, we recommend students enroll at the beginning of each semester. Typically, the first semester starts in September, and the second semester begins in February.

What kind of course offerings does WOA have available?

Please refer to the course offerings section on the website or in the WOA Student-Parent Handbook. 

How rigorous is the online instruction?

Wapato Online Academy (WOA) serves students in grades K-12 and is a full-featured replacement for in-person instruction using a well-established and successful online learning environment. It does not align with our district curriculum but does meet all state and federal standards.

Is WOA strictly online?

Yes, all WOA classes are fully completed in the online program Edgenuity.

What if I don't have access to technology or the internet? Can I still use WOA?

In order to be successful, access to technology is a student’s responsibility. However, we understand that access and technical issues arise. If this happens to you, please communicate with your teacher/district mentor and consider any of the following to stay on task in your course:

  • Computer at your home school
  • Computer at the public library
  • Computer at a friend or relative’s house


Who are the instructors for WOA?

All instructors have valid state certification in their subject areas and are not Wapato teachers. Each student will have a district mentor available to assist students when they need additional support throughout the semester. Your mentor will help monitor student progress, assist with intervention, and ensure each student is placed in the best learning environment to help them thrive. 

Does the grading system align with Wapato Public Schools?

Instructors of individual courses establish a grading system for the classes they teach. Grading is scheduled at the end of each semester with final grades recorded on the student's home school report card. WOA abides by the Wapato Public Schools Official Secondary Grading Scale below:


Letter Grade

Grade Point 































Below 60




Is there a limit on how many people can sign-up?

At this time, there is not a limit to the number of students that can take classes at WOA. However, each class in the course offering list may not be available each semester or may be canceled due to lack of enrollment or not having an instructor for the class. 

Can a WOA class be finished early?

Yes, a WOA class can be completed early. You will need to work with the instructor on how to finish a class before the semester ends.

As a senior can I graduate at WHS if I take all WOA classes?


If you are enrolled full time with WOA and complete all course requirements, you will earn your diploma through Wapato Online Academy.