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Wapato School District

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District's Convenes Community Safety Task Force

In its continued efforts to enhance school safety and security the District has formed a Community Safety Task Force.   The District has invited about 20 people to participate.  They include parents and other various stakeholders.  The Task Force held its first meeting in early April.   The purpose is for the District to share current safety information with the Task Force members and get their feedback as a way to help strengthen safety response practices.  During the April 11th meeting District leaders provided members with a comprehensive list and had a discussion about many of safety practices, procedures, personnel and facilities already in place to help keep students and staff safe.   They also learned about some of the training, drills and communications technology in place that are used as part of the District’s comprehensive approach to safety.  The members also heard from Keith Merritt from 4-Pointe which is a company that provides school safety consulting and training.  The District has partnered with 4-Pointe for a number of years.   One of his messages had to do with the District’s approach to safety and security.  He says high profile safety risks, like school shootings, are rare and he applauded the Wapato District for adopting an all hazards approach.  School districts are often faced with dangers much more common than shootings and he says it only makes sense to plan and train to respond to those as well.  The Task Force will get a chance to see what some of that training is like during its next meeting when it has the chance to respond to an emergency scenario by going through a tabletop exercise.