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Parents Get A Lesson In Cyber-Safety

These days being “online” seems to be a daily part of a student’s life.  Whether they are checking any one of what could be multiple social media accounts, researching a topic for a class project or simply taking part in a group text, most students have a technology footprint of some size.  The question is do their parents know the size of their child’s footprint?  In other words, do you know what your child is doing online, what sites they are accessing and with whom they are communicating?  Those were some of the questions asked of parents at a recent internet safety training sponsored by the District’s Migrant PAC (Parent Advisory Committee).  The training featured a presentation by Chris Weedin from the Educational Service District (ESD) 105.  Mr. Weedin is well versed when it comes to cyber-safety.  He shared with families a number of the dangers students are exposed to online and he provided parents a variety of tips to help keep tabs of their children’s online activity in an effort to keep them safe.  Mr. Weedin says the only true magic bullet to keeping students safe online is the parents’ knowledge of their child’s online activity.