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Contract Bargaining with Employee Unions

There are four employee unions in the Wapato School District that represent the majority of the District staff.   They include:


1) The Wapato Education Association (WEA) represents teachers and other certificated staff. 


2) The Wapato Association of Custodial, Maintenance, Transportation, Food Service and Paraeducator Employees, affiliated with the Public School Employees of Washington (PSE), represents District staff in the Custodial, Maintenance, Transportation, Food Service, and Paraeducator job classifications. 


3) The Wapato Pupil Personnel Association (WPPA) represents classified staff of the District in positions which require independent responsibility and/or specialized education or training in the Records Clerk & Testing Clerk, Pupil Personnel Specialist, Home Visitor, Migrant/Parent Liaison Advisor and Attendance Clerk job classifications.


4) The Wapato Association of Educational Office Personnel (WAEOP) represents the District’s secretarial staff except the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent’s secretaries, certificated personnel officers, and classified personnel officers.


At any given time the District may be engaged in negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements (contracts) with one or more of the four associations and the negotiations may include limited reopening of parts of the agreement or the entire agreement.  Please refer to each of the Association sections below for the latest information regarding bargaining.



The District and WEA met at 9:00 AM in the boardroom to begin the negotiation process.  Each side brought forward three openers and a new Salary Schedule.  WSD is proposing language changes in one section of Article II, and two sections of Article VI.  WEA is proposing new language in one of the sections in Article III, and two sections in Article VI.  Both sides proposed a new salary schedule commencing 2018–19 school year.  There was significant dialogue between the District and WEA regarding the states salary allocation model.  Although there are some differences of opinions and understandings of the state’s new salary allocation model, we are confident that we will make progress as the bargaining continues.  WSD and WEA will resume negotiations in July.


The District and WEA are currently in year two of a three collective bargaining agreement.  Language in ARTICLE X, Section B of the agreement states the District and the Association will be limited to three (3) openers each and items impacted by legislative action in the first and second year of the three-year contract. On a three (3) year basis, both parties will review entire document and share in the cost of reprinting this document in its entirety if necessary.  The District and WEA bargaining teams are scheduled to meet on June 19, 2018 for their first negotiating session.  Because the state legislature took action regarding teacher salaries during the 2018 legislative session, salaries will be a part of the negotiations along with the three openers each referred to in ARTICLE X of the current agreement.


There is currently a two year collective bargaining agreement in place with the PSE (September 1, 2017–August 31, 2019).  WSD and PSE have agreed to open and re-bargain the salary schedule for the 2018–2019 school year.  WSD and PSE are in the process of identifying dates and times to begin bargaining.



The District and WPPA are currently negotiating a full contract. During an initial meeting on June 6, 2018 the District brought forward eight (8) collective bargaining agreement language proposal changes.  These proposed changes are regarding the following Articles contained in the agreement:  Article III, V, and VIII.

The WPPA brought forward twenty-two (22) collective bargaining agreement language proposal changes.  These proposed changes are regarding the following Articles contained in the agreement: Article I, II, III, V, VI, VIII, and Appendix B.

Two days have been set aside in July and one day in August to continue the bargaining process.


The District and WAEOP will be bargaining a full open contract.  That process is expected to start in late June 2018.